Announcing: Best Small Fictions 2018 anthology

Winners, Finalists, and Semifinalists

Guest editor: Aimee Bender


Winners (53):

Rumaan Alam, “Minuet,” Wigleaf

Hala Alyan, “Armadillo,” great weather for MEDIA

Nancy Au, “She Is a Battleground,” Lunch Ticket

Matt Bell, “The Architect’s Gambit,” Booth X

Eric Blix, “Triptych,” The Collagist

Lori Sambol Brody, “The Truth About Alaskan Rivers,” Forge Literary Magazine

Audra Kerr Brown, “The Way of the Woods,” F(r)iction Online

Desiree Cooper, “The Good Hours,” Electric Literature

Karen Craigo, “Last Inspection of Mount Vernon by George Washington, Gentleman Farmer,”

Forge Literary Magazine

Lydia Davis, “The Visitor,” The Masters Review

Chance Dibben, “Magic Arrow,” matchbook

Karen Donovan, “A Gothic Tale,” Moon City Review

Steven Dunn, “Happy Little Trees,” Blink-Ink

Kathy Fish, “Collective Nouns for Humans in the Wild,” Jellyfish Review

Robert Long Foreman, “Weird Pig,” Copper Nickel

Reginald Gibbons, “Dead Man’s Things,” An Orchard in the Street (BOA Editions)

Melissa Goode, “It Falls,” Jellyfish Review

Aleksandar Hemon, “Smithereens,” The New Yorker

Justin Herrmann, “Acts of Love,” Tahoma Literary Review

Mary-Jane Holmes, “Postpartum,” Reflex Fiction

Ashley Hutson, “I Will Use This Story to Tell Another Story,” Fanzine

Allegra Hyde, “Lowry Hill,” The Adroit Journal

Kathleen Jones, “The Exact Coordinates of Eleanor,” Paper Darts

W. Todd Kaneko, “B Movie,” Monkeybicycle

Kate Keleher, “Sweater,” Crazyhorse

Christoph Keller, “Knowledge,” SAND Journal

Gwen E. Kirby, “Shit Cassandra Saw That She Didn’t Tell the Trojans Because at that Point

Fuck Them Anyway,” SmokeLong Quarterly

Ruth LeFaive, “Clean Girls,” Split Lip Magazine

Denise H. Long, “What We See,” The Tishman Review

Melissa Lozada-Olivia, “House Call,” Aster(ix) Journal

Maxim Loskutoff, “Get Down, Stay Down,” Sou’wester

Quinn Madison, “Crickets,” (b)OINK

Lauren S. Marcus, “The Collector,” Into the Void Magazine

Alex McElroy, “A Man and a Man,” Daddy Issues (The Cupboard Pamphlet LLP)

Angela Mitchell, “You Are Not Like Other Children,” Necessary Fiction

Kevin Moffett, “Sixth Wonder,” We Can’t Help It We’re From Florida (Burrow Press)

Amanda O’Callaghan, “Tying the Boats,” Bath Flash Fiction Award

Raul Palma, “Filthy, Polluted,” SmokeLong Quarterly

Michael Parker, “Deep Eddy,” Everything, Then and Since (Bull City Press)

Michael Parker, “How to Be a Man,” Everything, Then and Since (Bull City Press)

Genevieve Plunkett, “The Buried Man,” Crazyhorse

Meg Pokrass, “Barista,” The Del Sol Review

Sithuraj Ponraj, “Aleppo Was Passing By,” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

Bud Smith, “Wolves,” SmokeLong Quarterly

Jan Stinchcomb, “Uncouple,” matchbook

Kaj Tanaka, “In Dugave,” New South Journal

Kaj Tanaka, “The Night Is Where It Throws You,” (b)OINK

Monet Patrice Thomas, “Ring of Salt,” (b)OINK

Denise Tolan, “Because You Are Dead,” Lunch Ticket

Deb Olin Unferth, “37 Seconds,” Wait Till You See Me Dance (Graywolf Press)

Giovanna Varela, “Surf Jesus,” Southern Indiana Review

Jessica Walker, “Ex-Utero,” Reservoir

Diane Williams, “Oh, Darling I’m in the Garden,” London Review of Books


Finalists (101 total):

Ghayath Almadhoun, “How I became…,” The Guardian

Jules Archer, “We Will Set Anything on Fire,” Maudlin House

Georgia Bellas, “The Wolf Wears Jeggings,” MoonPark Review

Lori Sambol Brody, “I Want to Believe the Truth Is Out There,” Jellyfish Review

Rowan Hisayo Buchanan, “Juniper,” Fairy Tale Review

Kim Chinquee, “Paper Dolls,” Veer (Ravenna Press)

Kim Chinquee, “Halfway,” Veer (Ravenna Press)

Nicholas Cook, “The Eclipse,” Lost Balloon

Nicholas Cook, “The Family Myths,” Unbroken Journal

Emily Devane, “The Hand That Wields The Priest,” Bath Flash Fiction Award

Todd Dillard, “Myth in Which My Father Does Not Recreate the Moon Landing,” Atticus Review

Jacqueline Doyle, “The Missing Girl,” The Missing Girl (Black Lawrence Press)

Jacqueline Doyle, “Zig Zag,” Midway Journal

Austin Eichelberger, “Places I Imagine My Wife,” Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine

Sarah Rose Etter, “Sea Day,” Juked

Kathy Fish, “The Once Mighty Fergusons,” New World Writing

Scott Garson, “The Horoscope Writer,” Gulf Coast Online

Beth Gilstrap and Jim Warner, “Discord No. 60,” Third Point Press

Howie Good, “Snap Krackle Pop,” Blink-Ink

Ihab Hassan, “The Diner,” Funny Bone: Flashing for Comic Relief (Flash: The International Short-Short Story Press)

Brandon Hobson, “Chicken,” NOON Annual

Jennifer A. Howard, “Always Only Approximate,” You on Mars: Failed Sci-Fi Stories (The Cupboard Pamphlet LLP)

Ingrid Jendrzejewski, “The Middle Ground,” Passages North

Jac Jenkins, “Stigmeology,” Micro Madness

Timston Johnston, “Pour Down Stinking,” WhiskeyPaper

Kate Jones, “Jellyfish,” Reflex Fiction

Tara Laskowski, “Hostage,” Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery Magazine

Elise Levine, “Alice in the Field,” The Collagist

Jolene McIlwain, “Drumming,” The Cincinnati Review

Frankie McMillan, “The Geography of a Father,” The New Zealand Listener

Cole Meyer, “Vesuvius,” SAND Journal

Dennis Norris II, “Where Every Boy is Known and Loved,” Excavating Honesty: An Anthology of Rage and Hope in America (Paper Nautilus Press)

Kara Oakleaf, “Gravity, Reduced,” SmokeLong Quarterly

Nuala O’Connor, “Notes from a Train,” Connotation Press

Brenda Peynado, “Weathering,” Indiana Review

Dawn Raffel, “His Life In My Hands,” People Holding

Robert Scotellaro, “Fly Swatter,” Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction

Natalia Theodoridou, “The Starling of Her Name,” Gamut Magazine

Jennifer Tseng, “Snow,” The Passion of Woo & Isolde (Rose Metal Press)

Shaun Turner, “You Know By Instinct,” Reservoir

Umar Turaki, “On Such Days,” Afreada

Cathy Ulrich, “Maybe in the Clouds, Maybe in the Stars,” Hypertrophic Literary

Cathy Ulrich, “What A Headless Boy Would See,” JMWW

Elisabeth Ingram Wallace, “A Chest Full of Spiders,” The Best Small Fictions Microfictions Contest

Jim Warner, “Adobo Breath and the Country Bear Jamboree,” CHEAP POP

Kellie Wells, “Telling the Chicken,” God, the Moon, and Other Megafauna (University of Notre Dame Press)

Francine Witte, “Alpha,” Midway Journal

Tryphena Lizzert Yeboah, “Tomorrow I’ll Be Twenty,” Afreada: Africa’s Literary Magazine


Semifinalists (14):

Hannah Lillith Assadi, “Mermaid,” People Holding

John Brantingham, “She Wonders Vietnam,” Gemini Magazine

Joe N. Brown, “The Guilt in Coiled Comfort,” Cha: An Asian Literary Journal

Christopher DiCicco, “My Son,” Flash Fiction Online

Justin Herrmann, “Sour Toe,” SmokeLong Quarterly

Roland Leach, “On the Roof,” Mascara Literary Review

Mahreen Sohail, “The Wheelchair,” The Masters Review

William Todd Seabrook, “Manatees,” SmokeLong Quarterly

Monet Thomas, “A Vast Universe,” WhiskeyPaper

Jennifer Todhunter, “Matchsticks,” Necessary Fiction

Cathy Ulrich, “Girl in Pieces,” formercactus

Cathy Ulrich, “These Clouds Are Not the Same Clouds; This Sky Is Not the Same Sky,” Jellyfish Review

Elisabeth Ingram Wallace, “Ida,” Atticus Review

Louise Wallace, “The Olives,” Manifesto Aotearoa: 101 Political Poems (Otago University Press)