Braddock Avenue Books and series editor Tara L. Masih are proud to present the 2017 winners, finalists, and semifinalists for The Best Small Fictions 2017. This is a group effort, so thank you to our staff editors, Mel Bosworth and Michelle Elvy; our roving editors, Blake Kimzey, Alan King, and Kathryn Kulpa; our consulting editors, Kim Chinquee, Leesa Cross-Smith, Ioanna Mavrou, and Ben White; our advisory members, especially Mary Slechta and Clare MacQueen. But our biggest thanks must go to our guest judge Amy Hempel, for the hard work of narrowing down 105 finalists to 55 winners in a highly competitive year. Look for our launch in September 2017. And congratulations to all!


2017 Best Small Fictions Winners

Alex Simand, Election Cycle (Sonic Boom)

Allegra Hyde, Syndication (from Of This New World, U of Iowa Press)

Alvin Park, tree rot (wildness journal)

Amy Sayre Baptista, Pike County Feminism (Corium Magazine)

Anne Valente, A Personal History of Arson (Puerto del Sol)

Brian Doyle, My Devils (The Sun)

Cameron Quincy Todd, We Are All Relatively Safe Here (Inch magazine)

Carrie Cooperider, Stutterers (Friday Flash Fiction)

Christopher DeWan, The Atheist of Dekalb Street (from Hoopty Time Machines, Atticus Books)

Claire-Louise Bennett, Two Weeks Since (Tin House)

Cole Meyer, Nightstands (SmokeLong Quarterly)

Emily Corwin, Bildungsroman (Cease, Cows)

Erin Calabria, The Last Fragile Thing (Third Point Press)

Eugenie Montague, Breakfast (Tin House)

Frankie McMillan, The things we lose (from My Mother and the Hungarians, Canterbury UP)

Gen Del Raye, The Truth About Distance (wildness journal)

Hannah Harlow, The Farmer's Market (SmokeLong Quarterly)

Harriot West, Picking Sunflowers for Van Gogh (KYSO Flash)

Heather McQuillan, Sisters (Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Short Fiction)

Ian Seed, Filer à l'anglaise (from Identity Papers, Shearsman Books)

Jen Knox, Lottery Days (Literary Orphans)

Jesse Goolsby, Waist Deep at Hapuna (Pleiades)

Joy Katz, Don't Walk (from FLASHed, Pressgang)

Joy Williams, 36 / Dearest (from 99 Stories of God, Tin House Books)

Joy Williams, 82 / Polyurethane (from 99 Stories of God, Tin House Books)

Julia Slavin, Groundbreaker (Subtropics)

Karen Brennan, 10 Birds (from Monsters, Four Way Books)

Kathy Fish, Strong Tongue (Cheap Pop Lit)

Keith Woodruff, Summer (Quarter After Eight)

Kimberly King Parsons, In Our Circle (NANO Fiction)

Larry Brown, Triangle (SAND Journal)

Len Kuntz, Summer Scalping: Scarecrows (from I’m Not Supposed to Be Here and Neither Are You, Unknown Press)

Lydia Armstrong, The November We Are Fifteen (Neon)

Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello, The Sea Urchin (Paper Darts)

Matt Sailor, Sea Air (Five Points)

Matthew Baker, The President's Doubles (Booth Magazine)

Michael C. Smith, Bass Weather (Gemini Magazine)

Michael Hammerle, Killerman (Steel Toe Review)

Mona Leigh Rose, The Crossing (The Writing Disorder)

Na'amen Gobert Tilahun, Culture House (Eleven Eleven)

Nick Admussen, Parable of the Rotary Phone (Inch magazine)

Nick Almeida, Watchdog (Baltimore Review)

Oscar Mancinas, Tourista (The Tishman Review)

Pamela Painter, Help (Five Points)

Phillip Sterling, Registry (great weather for MEDIA)

Randall Brown, What a Beautiful Dream (The Tishman Review)

Ras Mashramani, Silent Hill (PANK)

Rebecca Schiff, What We Bought (Wigleaf)

Robert Scotellaro, What Remains (from Bad Motel, Big Table Publishing)

Scott Garson, Writer (Fanzine)

Sherrie Flick, Boiled Clear (from Whiskey, Etc., Queen’s Ferry Press)

Stuart Dybek, Ascent (Gulf Coast)

Tara Laskowski, States of Matter (Ellery Queen)

W. Todd Kaneko, Metalhead's Pledge (New South Journal)

William Woolfitt, Hatchlings (R.K.VR.Y.)

William Woolfitt, What the Beech Tree Knows (Tahoma Literary Review)


Best Small Fictions Finalists

Angela Sorby, No One Knows Where the Ladder Goes (Blue Cubicle Press)

Anne Elizabeth Weisgerber, Upfurler (Pure Slush Books)

Ben Tanzer, The Look of Love, Take Two (from Sex, Sunnyoutside Press)

Bobbie Ann Mason, The Whirling Circle (Great Jones Street)

Carmen Lau, Inside the Wolf (from The Girl Wakes, Alternating Current Press)

Cathy Ulrich, The Magician's Affair (Monkeybicycle)

Christopher DeWan, The 100th Floor (from Hoopty Time Machines, Atticus Books)

Christopher Merkner, Human Contact Near Philadelphia, 2012–2014 (Hayden’s Ferry Review)

Dan Gilmore, Hackmuth’s Mannequin Dream (from New Shoes, KYSO Press)

Deb Olin Unferth, Draft (Wigleaf)

Elaine Cosgrove, Filament (The Stinging Fly)

Elena Murphy, Pebbles and Water (Calamus Journal)

Emily Bowers, 698 (Nanoism)

Frankie McMillan, The world has become bigger than my head can ever hold (from My Mother and the Hungarians, Canterbury UP)

Harrison Candelaria Fletcher, Dawn (Eleven Eleven)

Henry Peplow, Zeus Falls to Earth (Ad Hoc Fiction)

Holly Brickley, The More Missed (matchbook lit mag)

Ian Seed, Being True (from Identity Papers, Shearsman Books)

Ingrid Jendrzejewski, Roll and Curl (Bath Flash Fiction Award)

James Valvis, Boxes (Juked)

Jeff Fearnside, Nuclear Toughskins (from Making Love While Levitating Three Feet in the Air, SFASU Press)

Joanna Penn Cooper, How Not to Read Richard Scarry’s Busy, Busy Town at the End of a Long Day (The Virginia Normal)

Julia Strayer, In the Shape of a Small Bird (Fiction Southeast)

Julianna Holland, White Matter (Bath Flash Fiction Award)

Kim Chinquee, Highball (Five Points)

Kristy Bowen, from Songs for Dead Girls (Paper Darts)   

Laura Tansley, The Wake She Leaves Like a Whirlpool (from Nothing to Declare: A Guide to the Flash Sequence, White Pine Press)

Leesa Cross-Smith, Low, Small (Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series)

Linh Dinh, Travel Tips (Monkey Business International)

Lydia Copeland Gwyn, The Day Is Full of Wheat Stalks . . . (New World Writing)

Meg Pokrass, Elizabeths (from The Dog Looks Happy Upside Down, Etruscan Press)

Megan Giddings, Again and Again and Again (Threadcount)

Melanie Boeckmann, Banana Slugs (StoryShack)

Michael Martone, The Incinerator (from Memoranda, Bull City Press)

Owen Booth, The Ultimate Fate of the Universe (3:AM magazine)

Patrick Kelling, Consumption (SAND Journal)

Patrick Pink, Take My Boyfriend to His Tangihanga (Flash Frontier: An Adventure in Flash Fiction)

Raelee Chapman, Golden Girl (Mascara Review)

Richard Garcia, Waking Up (from Porridge, Press 53)

rob mclennan, The city is uneven (PRISM international)

Rupprecht Mayer, Chores [Christopher Allen, translator] (SmokeLong Quarterly)

Shane Jones, Gazebo (The Conium Review)

Sherrie Flick, You Have a Car (from Whiskey, Etc., Queen’s Ferry Press)

Shivani Mehta, the invisible girl and the curiosity of strangers (New Flash Fiction Review)

Spencer David Potts, Lift (Hypertrophic Press)

Stephanie E. Dickinson, Emily and the Dynamite (West Marin Review)

Theresa Wyatt, Gettysburg, July, 1863 (Prime Number Magazine)

torrin a. greathouse, not gay as in happy . . . (Calamus Journal)

Zachary Doss, Cold Fish (Juked)


Best Small Fictions Semifinalists

Alice Kaltman, Maid Service (WhiskeyPaper)

Arlene Ang, The Last Fire-Eater (Haibun Today)

Charles Huschle, The Trail, The Pool, The Snake (Blue Fifth Review: Blue Five Notebook Series)

Christopher Allen, Everything We Had (Matter Press)

Dani Blackman, A Good Job (Green Mountains Review)

Daniel Aristi, Benthic (Cleaver Magazine)

Dawn Raffel, Ask Us, Please (Five Points)

Diane Williams, To Revive a Person Is No Slight Thing (from Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, Fine, McSweeney’s)

Elizabeth Bradfield, Trapped (

Inger Wold Lund, A month ago. On a train. (SAND Journal)

James Claffey, Where Comfort Resides (Thrice)

Jane-Rebecca Cannarella, In Case You Go Bald (Story Shack)

Jen Michalski, Bird (Barrelhouse Magazine)

Kaitlin Jennrich, Mirror (4ink7)

Katheryn Krotzer Laborde, The Cistern (Journal of College Writing)

Katie Burgess, Lawn of the Year (Atticus Review)

Lex Williford, Superman on the Roof (Water~Stone Review)

Sheldon Lee Compton, The Fittest (Five:2:One)

Tom O’Connor, I’m Going to Adopt Donald Trump’s Hair (Literary Orphans)

Wendy Gist, Visitor at Tsaile Lake (from Moods of the Dream Fog, Finishing Line Press)