Aaron Tillman (Every Single Bone in My Brain) interviewed for Emerging Writers Network

Tillman's collection had been picking up some very nice reviews lately, but here's a chance to catch Tillman himself discussing his connection to the short story form--and more--in his interview with Dan Wickett.

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CBS Pittsburgh chooses Sal Pane's Last Call in the City of Bridges

We're happy to see that our first BAB author Sal Pane (Last Call in the City of Bridges) is still exciting readers. This time its CBS Pittsburgh, which chose Sal's novel for its feature, 5 Books to Read this Summer. Congratulations, Sal!

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Seeking the Vantage Point: An Interview with Stacey Waite by Jess Turner for Braddock Avenue Books


Braddock Avenue Books: Your book Teaching Queer: Radical Possibilities for Writing and Knowing came out this year. Was there a particular moment or set of moments that inspired you to write about queerness as pedagogy as opposed to your traditional platform of poetry?

Stacey Waite: My first love, even before poetry, was teaching. I knew from a young age that I wanted to be a teacher. My mother and step-father are two of the most dedicated teachers I have ever known. And the connections between teaching and writing have always felt inevitable to me. So the new book, while I guess it's a book of scholarship, also at times feels like a poem, or many poems.

Lovepain Gets a Rave

"How do you pick up the pieces when you are one of the pieces?" That's how Charles Holdefer begins his thoughtful review of Curtis Smith's new novel Lovepain (March 2018).  Thanks so much to The Collagist for sharing Holdefer's smart reading of the novel. We're proud to publish a book that he calls "a testimony to why literary fiction still matters."

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