The Best Small Fictions 2018 Nomination Guidelines

The Best Small Fictions is the first contemporary anthology solely devoted to honoring the best short hybrid fiction published in a calendar year. With this annual, we seek to promote the seasoned as well as the emerging writer.

Journal editors and book publishers: submit up to five nominations from your print or online journals, chapbooks, broadsides, or story collections. Small fictions consist of 6 words to 1,000 words, and may take any traditional or experimental form and include illustrations or photos. However, the fictions must be prose and self-contained (no novel/novella excerpts) and published/translated into English. Poetry that sits on the edge of fiction and verse may be submitted, but should contain prose (haibun stories and tanka prose qualify). Small fictions must be published in 2017 and submitted between November 15, 2017 and January 15, 2018.

Submission Checklist:

  • Up to 5 nominations (submitted via
  • All nominated small fictions should be in one Word document, each new story beginning on a separate page. Please include a header with the name of the publication and a page number on each page.
  • Include in your cover letter: editor name and email contact information; author/artist name and email contact information; publication information and word count). Only an official editor can make nominations. Please note: authors cannot nominate themselves; these submissions will be discarded.

Questions regarding the nomination process may be sent to series editor Sherrie Flick at Queries as to the status of a nomination will go unanswered. The 2018 guest editor, Aimee Bender, will judge the finalists blindly. At no time should the guest editor be contacted.

Writers accepted, along with finalists and semifinalists, will be notified in spring, with a publication date in September 2018. Finalists will be acknowledged in the anthology.
For updates, please see the Braddock Avenue Books blog, like our “The Best Small Fictions” Facebook page, or follow @BestSmFictions and @BraddockAveBook on Twitter.


Frequently Asked Questions:

You mention you are looking for hybrid work. Can editors nominate flash stories, which are not considered hybrid?

Yes, we use hybrid lightly to encompass the whole genre of small fictions, as we consider flash stories to fall under the hybrid umbrella. Traditional and experimental are both welcome.

In what year do the stories have to be published?

Between January 1 and December 31 of the calendar year in which the submission period begins. If the story has yet to appear, the manuscript is welcome as long as there is a commitment to publish by December 31. If you have a journal that is late and publishes the following year, as long as the publication date is 2017, it qualifies.

How are winners and finalists/semifinalists notified?

We send winners and their nominating editors personal emails in the spring; finalists and semifinalists are notified in a group email and asked to let their nominating editors know their status. If you are a nominating editor who did not get notification from the series editor, your stories did not make the anthology. We post a complete public blog list after the authors are notified and have accepted.

Can the stories receive an edit before submission?

Yes, as long as a substantial part of the story remains as it appeared in the publication, edits are acceptable.

What rights are you asking for?

We ask for one-time republication rights that revert back to the author on publication.

If bios appear at the beginning or end of each story, is it okay to include them, or do I need to cut and paste those stories into Word and strip out the bios?

Yes, bios need to be stripped when transferring to a Word doc.

Are stories that won competitions eligible?

Yes, as long as they appeared in print or on a website as a published winner within the required publishing dates.

If a story collection includes stories published prior to the calendar year, can they be nominated?

Yes, as long as the collection was published in the nominating year, each story is eligible.

Is self-published work eligible?

Not at this time. The same applies to Fictionaut and similar venues.