Homegrown: An interview with Catherine Zobal Dent


Braddock Avenue Books: Let’s start at the end. The final story in your collection, “Unfinished Stories of Girls,” is also the title of the entire collection. Why did you decide to use this title for the book and why did you decide to put that story last?

Zobal Dent: That last story is drawn from a novel I’m working on in which a daughter of Italian-American immigrants struggles with various accounts she’s been given of her family’s movement through time and space. This story, a narrative thread of the novel, draws from a folktale called Gatti sotto il mare, or “cats under the sea.” It’s this disturbing tale of good sister versus bad sister, and in the end, of course, the “good girl” wins and the “bad girl” loses.

Catherine Zobal Dent

Catherine Zobal Dent was born in Washington, D.C., and raised on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Her fiction and reviews have appeared in numerous journals including Harvard Review, North American Review, Green Mountains Review, and PANK. She is the fiction and poetry editor of MLS and an assistant professor at the Writers Institute of Susquehanna University, and also the Executive Director of FUSE, the Forum for Undergraduate Student Editors. Unfinished Stories of Girls (Fomite Press, 2014) is her debut story collection.

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