Michael Gerhard Martin

Michael Gerhard Martin
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BAB launches our new imprint Alleyway Books, and we welcome our newest author Michael Gerhard Martin, whose story collection, Easiest If I Had A Gun will be the inaugural Alleyway publication. If you’re in or around Pittsburgh on November 3rd, we’d love to see you at our launch celebration “Make It A Double.”  Here’s the link with complete details about the event and the other readers:

About the new imprint:

The Alleyway Books Name:   

We chose the name Alleyway Books because of the evocative nature of alleys, the way they host unexpected encounters and discoveries, the way they operate away from the usual route of travel, are edgier and more mysterious.  And yet, eventually, they lead back to the main road where they connect vitally with the pulse of our collective life.  

The Alleyway Books Mission:  

This new imprint will extend our core mission of bringing to print books that engage seriously with contemporary circumstances, but it will do so by showcasing new, younger, edgier authors who have shorter works—novellas or story collections—and who work in somewhat more experimental forms than our usual focus on realistic fiction.

About Michael Gerhard Martin

Complete information about Michael Gerhard Martin and his new collection is on our author page.


Don’t forget, “Make It A Double!” on November 3rd.