Here at the press, we believe that “literature” is a plural noun. Writers, readers, publishers, printers, designers, distributors, booksellers, reviewers...together we create the warp and weft that is the literary life. On our “About” page, you can discover the details behind our rationale and behind our commitment to the community of writers willing to tackle the hard questions of contemporary life—and the community of readers like you who share our belief in the importance of serious writing.

From the beginning we were determined that the press be more than a simple publisher of books: we wanted it to be a resource for important writing and a hub for conversation and sharing and building bonds. To say it simply, we knew that we’d be in it for keeps. And we would love to have you be part of our project in any way you see fit—by following the links on our site to other presses, authors, and events in our “Authors” section; by engaging with guest authors as they post for us in our “Street Talk” department; by reading our views on books and issues of importance on the “Bookmarks” page; by reading the authors we support and develop through publication.

Needless to say, these kinds of gestures take time and effort and money to sustain. We are a small and independent press with a modest staff of dedicated compatriots. We would love to have you be a part of that group. If you like what we offer and feel inclined to join us in the cause through your financial support, we would be extremely grateful. And to show our thanks, we in turn want to give you a gift for your generosity.

Here are the suggested donation levels and our way of letting you how much we appreciate your commitment.

  • $25-50 one signed copy of our most recent publication
  • $51-100 signed copies of our next two publications
  • $101-250 signed copies of our next five publications
  • $500 & up signed copies of all future Braddock Avenue Books publications*

*Donors at this level may specify that funds be directed to either web forums, author development, or promotional activities.